Privacy Policy

During your use of Valodu Vēstniecība's website, you may be asked to provide personal information, including information necessary to register for classes, camps, seminars, or apply for a job.

Personal data disclosed to Valodu Vēstniecība will be used with the utmost care and respect. Valodu Vēstniecība will use your personal data to fulfill obligations regarding registering for classes, camps or seminars and payments, where your personal data will be used for the following purposes: accounting, billing and audit, security measures, management and legal purposes, regular customer management programs, system checks, maintenance and development, communication with clients and other purposes.

Third parties

For these purposes and based on providing the quality of your education and security, we may have the need to give your personal data to persons or companies within the structure of Valodu Vēstniecība involved in providing quality of the service chosen by you, as well as to our partners and data processing companies working on our behalf, teachers, seminar organizers, state and authority institutions and other organizations.

Marketing communication

In order to provide you with information on offers and services which we believe you might be especially interested in, Valodu Vēstniecība may use your personal data for marketing and communication activities. You may unsubscribe from receiving these advertising messages at any time.

Valodu Vēstniecība will not allow the use of your personal data for third party advertising and communication needs.


Cookies are small text files which a server (such as the one used by www.valodu-vēstniecī transmits to your web browser each time you visit a website. They are either saved or declined depending on your browser settings. Saved cookies allow the server to recognize your computer. Upon revisiting the website and using only password-protected sections of the website, they allow to avoid repeated entry of data.

In short, cookies improve website user experience by letting the system get to know its visitors.

Use use cookies to help develop our website and make it user-friendly. They help us determine and understand the wishes of our users.

For the best possible user experience and full functionality of the website, we recommend to save cookies. If you still wish to decline them, you can do so by changing your browser settings.

Links to other sites

Please note that this privacy policy applies only to the website of Valodu Vēstniecība. Since links to other websites may appear on this website, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of those websites before entering any type of personal data.

We do not bear responsibility for personal data entered on other websites.

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